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Meet the People that Make the Market Special!

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Meet Michael of Michaels Microgreens

When you first Meet Michael, you can’t help but notice his congenial positive attitude—decked out in his signature button-down short-sleeve shirt and hat. His grace and patience were second to none when we sat down after many missed connections at the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce; his smile and cheerful, friendly hello were warmly met. You could tell there was some hesitation about the interview, but soon Michaels’s eyes light up when he talks about his business and shares his journey with others.

Michael has grown up in the Sky Valley Area and has recently settled in Sultan with his wife. After spending a year in South America, he attended college at Central Washington University. After that, Michael started his career in project management. However, it was time for a change after a series of health challenges, a broken leg, and being forced to refocus on eating healthy and reducing stress. So in 2020, After much research and experimenting, Michael started sprouting and using microgreens in every meal. Once he got a handle on the process, he was inspired to share his microgreens and healthful ingredients with the community for his neighbors to use in their homes, so Michaels Microgreens sprouted.

Michael grows his greens locally, in a coir medium indoors for year-round production. “I get great enjoyment out growing something from nothing.” When asked why Microgreens, he loves to share that Microgreens have 40-60 times more nutritional value than the mature plant in many instances. . Based on the firm belief that “you are what you eat,” he sprouts only nutrient-dense varieties.  His favorite microgreens are the China Rose Radish & Spicy Mix “for the extra kick.” His growing and propagation area is his favorite spot; he loves working there with his music, packaging the greens, watering, and enjoying the feel. Taking baby steps in his business, he is looking to expand his home delivery subscribers and add a few restaurants to his distribution. Currently, his delivery service area encompasses Sky Valley, Woodinville, Duvall, and Snohomish. Michael is a tinkerer by nature; he is now learning and fixing a 3D printer gifted by a friend. With that now functioning and rapid learning, Michael has started offering some of his 3D printed items to his products, such as trellis systems, waterers, and sprouting jars. His average turn from sowing to delivery ready is 3-5 business days. You can order online year-round at He also stocks at Startup Roots and during the spring and summer at several local farmers’ markets.

After you try his microgreens, my house favorites are the pea vine and spicy mix; you will want to add some to your regular rotation. Check it out and order some yourself at

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