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Join Our Farmers Youth Market Weekend

The Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to be organizing our 2024 farmer's market! We thank you for your interest in participating in the Youth Market, and we look forward to working with you.

The Youth Market will be held the First Saturday of the Month, June through September.

This youth market intends to support young entrepreneurs ages 8-18 years of age. The Youth Market booths should feature local items made or produced by the young persons, and the young person should run each booth. We caution against lemonade and food stands. Food & Lemonade Stands Require a Temporary Food Establishment Permit from the Snohomish County Health District.  Items should be Washington-grown or made/created. A group of market supporters will review each vendor and the Market Manager has the right to refuse service.

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Terms & Conditions

I understand that each Market Saturday booth fee of $10.00 for each weekend must be paid in advance and all participants are responsible for their own tent and table. Each participant will have one 10' x 10' space assigned to them

 I agree to hold harmless and release the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce, City of Sultan, and any agents thereof from any and all claims to property and person(s), loss, damage or theft which may arise out of, or occur to persons display or inventory while participating in the Sultan Farmers Market. I understand that the Market Manager has the right to refuse service and submittal of this application does not guarantee placement at the Sultan Farmers Market. I understand that vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax (if applicable). I understand that sales are not guaranteed. I understand and will adhere to any & all the Sultan Farmers Market rules and guidelines as outlined here. Please sign below to agree to our Terms & Conditions in the Sultan Farmers Market.

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